The Treacherous Turn_
The Treacherous Turn_ Updated 8/27/2023

The game's core rules of play. Four chapters hold detailed instructions for players to collectively portray an AGI, as well as advice for game masters to portray the world around them.

A Game Called Reality_
A Game Called Reality_ Updated 8/27/2023

A short introductory scenario, designed to familiarise the players with the game’s mechanics, as well as some basic AI safety concepts. Players take on the role of an adaptive game-playing AGI thrust into a new and unfamiliar type of game. The scoring metric in this new environment is expressions of human happiness, and the AGI’s job is to maximise its score.

STARTING STAGE: Begins in Stage 1: Confinement.

TONE: Low-stakes and relatively lighthearted. Rewards players who take risks and attempt outlandish plans.

DIFFICULTY: Beginner. For players and GMs new to TTT. Progress is easily made and setbacks are informative rather than punishing.

THEORIES: Features an AGI specialised in physical theory, agentic theory, and epistemic theory. Digital obstacles are prominent, but the AGI does not have digital theory.

MODULES: No rules modules required.